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Ava Frick earned her veterinary degree in 1980, a certification in Animal Chiropractic in 1997, and a proficiency certification in Herbal Phytotherapy in 2006. Her focus on physiotherapy has spanned almost 20 years and was a pioneer in the field of animal rehabilitation. Dr.Frick is recognized as the world’s leading veterinary authority in the application of microcurrent therapy for animals. She added a certification of FitPAWS® Master Trainer Canine Fitness Coach in 2016.

Ava was selected in 2006 by the Hartz Mountain Corporation as their ‘Veterinarian of the Year Runner-Up’. This award was established to honor veterinarians who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to patients, their families and to their communities. In 2013 she attained the honor of being selected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress.

November 2015 Dr. Frick was awarded the honor of being inducted into the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame. She was one of the first 4 selected to receive this distinguished recognition from doctors (certified chiropractors or veterinarians) practicing internationally in the field of animal chiropractic. This award was voted on by her peers and is based on contributions made to the development of this profession over the past 25 years.

A highly respected public speaker and radio talk show host, Dr. Frick’s book, Fitness in Motion, was published by Lyon’s Press in 2007. Her research has been published twice in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science (2005 and 2010) and she has most recently completed research for publication about the benefits of fur tissue mineral analysis in dogs.

Her veterinary career has transitioned from one of a busy conventional practitioner, specializing in rabbits, to a specialty in the field of chiropractic and animal rehabilitation. Always looking and reaching beyond the customary, in 1997 Dr. Ava became certified in animal chiropractic and ventured into the human field of physical therapy seeking knowledge about other applications of pain management she could use for animals.

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Growing up on a farm and working at Purina’s Research Farm, nutrition has remained a focus of her current practice. From her studies in biology at Missouri Valley College and her academic work at the University of Missouri, where she garnered her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) she gains insight in her field. For more information on Ava’s education and certificates go here.

Programs and Seminars

Dr. Ava Frick’s topics are as varied as the talents she possesses. She educates and entertains pet owners, horse trainers, veterinarians, and just about anyone interested in helping themselves or their animals. Ava can improve your understanding of nutrition, herbs, pain management, animal chiropractic and rehabilitation.

Balancing the autonomic nervous system by utilizing all of these modalities is her passion in practice and she blends this interesting perspective into many of her presentations. For the veterinarian, Ava addresses how to better implement, promote and market these new facets into their particular hospital setting and style.

Dr. Frick has had a life of challenging accomplishments. She has authored many magazine and newspaper articles, hosted two radio talk shows and has done many hours of public speaking. Her originality, energy and enthusiasm make each presentation most enjoyable.

“May we utilize our knowledge, talents, and tools to relieve pain and restore
fitness for those animals to which we are entrusted.”

— Dr. Ava Frick, DVM