Rave Reviews

The CAN course was really my introduction to a new way to look at and work with sick animals. It really instilled in me the importance of what we are putting in the bodies of our pets. Real food matters, cooked or not. It’s the food, not just the nutrients that makes a healthy diet. For so long I had been programmed to make sure the nutrients were there; A+B+C = nutritionally complete. But this course showed me that while nutrients are important, it is even more important how they are packaged and delivered to the body.

I believe that this course is an invaluable tool in reaching veterinarians and getting them to question what they have been told and what they have been taught. Besides the fact that the course highlights how to incorporate the Standard Process products, Veterinary Products and MediHerb products into functional protocols it highlights the importance of getting nutrients from whole foods. If we want to keep selling through veterinarians we need to educate them, just like big pharma and pet food people do. I know for a fact that Purina and Hills both have courses for veterinarians and technicians to become “certified” in nutritional consulting and of course, their products are the highlights. This course could be our certification in whole foods.

The CAN course, along with the CAN survey are valuable tools for thinking and learning about nutrition and the correlation between health and sickness. I think it should be purchased by Standard Process and then marketed as a Certification Course. I have had a number of my clients asking to become certified in Standard Process and I have directed them to this course. Having taken the course, and using the notes and information in my business, I have become a better resource for my clients. I also frequently share the information about the Tissue Mineral Analysis, which is part of the CAN course part 2 as well as an individual course on its own, with my clients and they love that I can bring new and applicable tools to help them with their patients.

I am very passionate about this course. I am so glad that I took the time to take it. I know it would have an impact on the people that take it and I think that Standard Process should strongly consider this opportunity to fill a niche in the veterinary segment.

- Dorcas Giesbrecht

I just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed all three courses taught by Dr Ava Frick.  You can tell how passionate she is about these subjects and I am so thrilled she shared so much in the courses.  I found she gave me excellent tools to use and incorporate in my own practice!  She was a pleasure to work with and I enjoyed her comments on my responses.  It was so very encouraging to find another person who understood my passions and thoughts.  I felt a true connection with this instructor and if any other courses are offered by her I would definitely sign up in a heartbeat.  Her professionalism and course content exceeded my expectations.
Thank you so much!

- Alex E, Costa Rica

Your enthusiasm is contagious and I see every lesson as a new challenge: the challenge of learning something new, the challenge of understanding and trying to see the concepts in a way I can use and apply to the dogs that cross my path. You are a great instructor and I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

- Jane B, Ireland

Thanks Dr Ava,
Its been a pleasure taking the courses and talking with you too! I have learned so much from you so thanks from my dogs too!

- Kelly C

HI Dr. Frick,
I completed all the lessons and the final exam and just wanted to thank you for a fantastic course. I thoroughly enjoyed both Part 1 and 2 of Canine Nutrition and learned such an incredible amount of useful information.

- chris s.

thank you. this course has changed my life. i eat healthier myself, and i'm able to causally suggest to other people why they should eat better too! my sled dogs have also benefited from this class. thank you for giving me the knowledge to better care for my dogs and to help others with their dogs.

- Rhaean B

I found you to be a incredible lecturer, as a person who tends to FADE off during lectures I was stuck to everything you had to say so thank you for making this introduction to nutrition exciting.

I am taking this course partly because I have been asked to help make a homemade dog food for a friend who is running the Yukon quest this year with his team. He wants to remove all the commercial from the diet and see how they work on a whole food diet. I could not have given him the diet I made for my own dogs even though it was a high fat and protein diet we have to make adjustments for the long distances such as his race over 990 miles, and I needed more education in the area before playing with such high performance athletes. I am trying to absorb as much as I can in order to help him gain the best health for his dogs and correct a few issues he sees with them physically as they train for the distance miles.

Thank you again. I completely enjoyed your lectures they were fun loved the personal touch and stories you add as well.

- Dr. Patricia Ziegler

I have found that in discussing nutrition in my behavior sessions, 99% of people are making the shifts….not only as requirement for my doing advanced work, but also that people are very interested in making the shift.   There has not been an exception, since I began weaving it in to my discussion in greater detail, of clients that have shifted nutrition that have not seen (many times tearful) changes.

- Patti Howard, BS, CCS

I sure do appreciate all your information and am having fun getting it out in the world.

- PH

I am loving the course so far and it exceeds my expectations

- MS

I am having a great time!  It is really making me think, even more than usual (almost too much, I find thoughts popping into my head at inopportune times, like trying to sleep lol)...and ur making me work, which I'm very happy about; is how u really learn.

- MS

I really enjoyed this course and wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job; I will miss your lectures!  I wish you all the best, you taught me a great deal.

- MS, March 2012

When I went to work today and saw patients I found myself thinking of them in terms of nutritional categories and making a few recommendations. I spoke with an owner who, on his own, had changed his older dog to an organic dehydrated food and saw a remarkable difference in energy level and ease of mobility. In generalities, the fact that AAHA has added nutrition to their guidelines is fantastic. We were accredited 3-4 years ago and this was not an aspect at that time, so I'm excitied to complete the course and offer this service to our clients.

- Dr. Patricia Ziegler

"Thank you, I have found the material fascinating. I can't believe I didn't get into this sooner."

- Agatha Weisz, CPDT- KA

"It is really making me think, even more than usual. You are making me work, which I'm very happy about because it is how you really learn."

- Michelle

“Dr. Frick is not only expert, but a very good teacher, too.”

- Jerry Fila, Jr., MBA , Mississippi