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An exercise program can be simple or tiered to adequately fit the age, breed, performance expectations and available time for your pet. Home therapy creates greater and more rapid gains. A pet with arthritis, advanced age, weak muscles, nerve deficits, any that are overweight, or even athletes working regularly at their sport can all improve by having all joints in motion and some sort of stretching exercise on a regular basis.

Online Course: Fitness in Motion – Stretching and Exercises for Dogs

Purpose: This course is designed to provide a detailed description, demonstration and overview of many of the stretches and  exercises for dogs used to help improve body function, health,  and posture.

Instructor:  Dr. Ava Frick, DVM, CAC, FAIS

Course Length: 3 – 90 minute sessions with 3 quizzes

What you can expect to learn from the Stretching and Exercises for Dogs course:

  •  Why stretching and exercises for dogs is beneficial
  • To help veterinarians, animal rehabilitation physiotherapists, animal chiropractors, and dog owners in getting started with suggestions for gear and preparatory tools.
  • Exact stretching and exercise programs that work for the various areas of the body and for some specific rehabilitation considerations.
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