The Qest4 System – Computerized Technology & Bioenergetic Tests

The Qest4 computer software allows me to evaluate an animal’s parameters of energetic health using information gathered through the hardware system via painless, non-intrusive electrodes. There are 20 of the most commonly used bioenergetic tests and within that I can specialize other tests specific for the individual animal. Such as allergy sensitivity testing and food sensitivity. These tests are designed to gather the valuable clinical information needed to best assess your animal’s current situation. It is the second step following the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis that I like to use in determining how to proceed with specific recommendations.
This testing system can be done with the animal present. Or for those living a distance away, I can use the DNA from fur and a cheek swab, just like in forensics. It’s as simple as that!

Some of the available tests are:

  • Allergy Sensitivity Profile
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Constitutional Influence
  • Degenerative Disturbance
  • Emotional Stressors
  • Environmental Sensitivity List
  • Five Elements – Virus, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, parasites
  • Food Sensitivity List
  • GI Panel
  • Growth Factors
  • Hormonal Profile
  • Metabolic-Digestive Profile
  • Neurotransmitter Profile
  • Nutrient Deficiency
  • Nutritional Maintenance
  • Symptom-Emotion Correlation
  • Stressors: bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, fungi and molds, allergens, mycotoxins, and others
  • Vertebral Profile

These statements not been evaluated by the FDA and Qest makes no medical claims.