About Dr. Ava Frick

Veterinarian, Speaker, Author

At three, I knew I would be an animal doctor; not that I ever made a decision for that to be my purpose. Perhaps, it simply exists in my spiritual DNA, because my passion to save lives never has waned. In fact, it has expanded beyond my being a “doctor.” Importantly, three significant events shape-shifted me into the healer that I am today: an accident, an attack, and a sports mishap. A horse accident when I was nine helped me realize that I am more than a body. Near death, I watched from above as my parents stood helplessly over my nearly lifeless body. I consciously decided to return, wanting to learn more about living.

In 1985, an attack from a large dog at a veterinary hospital where I worked left me facing two surgeries on my left arm. Oddly, the experience left me more compassionate toward animals in need of surgery or hospitalization. Three years later, a women’s soccer match incident blasted my body and left me unable to stand up straight. The next morning, a local Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) adjusted my spine. I walked immediately, and my professional focus shifted.

Today, my mission includes writing, speaking and teaching the world how we might change the healing paradigm for all people and animals on Earth. Motherhood at 39 further altered my perspectives about life, the medical model, my veterinary practice successes and failures; and what my future, and those of my patients, required to not only survive but also flourish. A year later, I attained certification in Animal Chiropractic.

With more than myself to care for, whole-food nutrition took a front seat. I immersed myself into the work of Dr. Royal Lee. What organ and body system needs which vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and the like, and how these can be utilized to improve body function peaked my interest every evening after my son was in bed. By 2002, Lee’s company, Standard Process, Inc., asked me to represent them to veterinarians across America. I stayed on as a marketing consultant for several years.

As my depth of understanding of nutrition and organ function deepened, physical-therapy and pain-management conferences became my arena of choice. While safety studies had been done on animals, no veterinarian had studied and applied the benefits of Alpha-Stim Microcurrent Therapy to animals. In short order, Electromedical Products International named me their Veterinary Medical Director. Recognition as the world’s leading authority in veterinary microcurrent therapy came with the publication of my first article on the subject in 2005 in the pages of the international Journal of Equine Veterinary Science (JEVS) by Elsevier.

The next decade was a whirlwind of successes

    • in 2006, I was Hartz Mountain Veterinarian of the Year Runner-Up. Their award honors veterinarians who demonstrate outstanding commitment to patients, their families, and their communities.
    • 2007 saw my book Fitness in Motion: Keeping Your Equine’s Zones at Peak Performance published by the prestigious Lyons Press.
    • Moving online my continued focus on whole-food nutrition, I lectured to veterinarians across the nation, complemented my line of learning DVDs.
    • 2013 found me selected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress and published for my human-animal-bond articles for their magazines, Combat Stress and Contentment.
  • I introduced my Tai Chi-huahua low-impact-exercise program at a conference in 2016.

In November 2015 Dr. Frick was awarded the honor of being inducted into the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame. She was one of the first 4 selected to receive this distinguished recognition from doctors (certified chiropractors or veterinarians) practicing internationally in the field of animal chiropractic. This award was voted on by her peers and is based on contributions made to the development of this profession over the past 25 years.

For all that success, however, I was a living conundrum: How could I convince people that I really knew what I knew? That I could, indeed, see beyond the obvious? How would I put into words what I sensed when looking at an animal, seeing in their posture or gait what most others do not, cannot, or will not! As well as what that condition was doing to their other body parts.
Not many general-practitioner veterinarians, excluding university professors, have had a book published by an international company; or been published four times in leading veterinarian journals and once in a scientific-research journal. Few, if any, have represented two major, industry-related companies while still practicing veterinary medicine. Who else has lectured across America, established nutritional courses for students worldwide, and become a pioneer in animal rehabilitation?

Dodging many arrows from my industry with tenacity, I have kept fresh my focus on my purpose and my vision in pursuit of new and innovative solutions. I have found unique ways to offer desperate people – animal owners – renewed hope and reassurance that something, indeed, can be done about their ill or injured animal’s or pet’s condition.

Because pivotal incidents in my life enhanced my ability to observe and to know what I am observing, I am expert today in chiropractic, whole-food nutrition, microcurrent therapy, and exercise physiotherapy. Still, not one to believe everything that I was taught was gospel, my conviction remains to seek and learn more, accepting responsibility for the knowledge that I study and own and transferring my confidence to each animal owner willing to believe in me and what I know.

Although accustomed to informing clients that their pets have a disease condition, a recent diagnosis of my own condition of Lyme Disease has pushed me to learn more about Lyme. I am dealing with “creatures” lurking within my body. Needing more facts and answers, yet not wanting to fuel my enemy, I have begun a new adventure. Parallel to my treatments with dogs – I deal with their ups and downs and mood changes – I now treat my own!
From the less-than-optimal situations that have happened in my life, I gleaned and do apply a formula for decision-making:

  • Take responsibility for what has happened.
  • Assess the situation and discover what caused it, to avoid getting into a similar situation. (“What did I do or not do that got me to this point?”).
  • Find a solution or a way to deal with it and …
  • Ask myself, “What do I now do to help (two- and four-legged) others?”.

My formula moves me away from “dis-ability” to “respons-ability,” enabling me to respond quickly and effectively and to change a wrong course for the better. I am tackling Lyme and making Lymeade for myself and others!
Signed by Dr. Ava Frick

Charities & foundations supported by Dr. Frick

  • Kiwanis International: Kiwanis International brings the world together — one community at a time. Dr. Ava Frick has been both a past officer and president of Union, Missouri Kiwanis Club.
  • Toys for Tots: Dr. Frick has participated in the Toys for Tots Literacy program, where they provide reading books to kids and teens.