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Pain relief is what we do best!

The LifeExtend Method is a philosophy for wellness and a pain free life that I have studied and successfully applied to many animals over the past 20 years. With the LifeExtend Method, I am helping you achieve your wish; to have a Happy, Healthy, and Naturally Rejuvenated Animal.  My philosophy and approach focus on exercise, nutrition, and a body with good postural alignment, for a life without stress and pain.

There are many causes of debilitating pain. Illness, surgery, injuries, cancer, and even some types of treatment can cause pain. Animals feel pain in different ways. Many things affect each animal’s experience of pain. Sometimes pain is just a small nuisance; other times pain can affect your animal’s ability to function and think. It can prevent him from sleeping, eating and being active. Pain can also make him feel afraid, agitated or depressed.

Relieving and controlling pain early with Alpha-Stim® microcurrent therapy can help your pet get well faster, and return him sooner to daily activities and a happy enjoyment of life.  Take the Pain Survey to see if your Cat or Dog has symptoms that warrant intervention now.

Alpha-Stim Technology

What caused your dog to become afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks? You want your dog to want you but why does he have separation anxiety?  The cat has started over grooming and is bald. Your horse is a cribber, stall-walker and wall-banger.  Is your stress making your animal nervous or did they get that way all on their own?

Animals have survived through centuries by observing everything around them.  They are constantly taking in sights, sounds, smells, touch perceptions, vibrations, anything they perceive as vital to survival.  This information is then categorized, some being programmed to keep and other is filed away as unnecessary or unimportant data.  The decision to keep or toss can be different for each species, breed, sex, age, and global habitat.

Whether an animal is a predator (the hunter) or a prey (the hunted) makes a difference in how they respond and react to situations.  When a body goes outside of the endocrine systems “comfort zone” we start to see altered behavior to environmental situations.  The endocrine system comprises the hypothalamus, thalamus, pituitary, pineal gland, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands and pancreas.  These glands are in constant communication to balance messages that signal the body to work.

Stress can push a body to the limit and beyond.  Stress for an animal can be an inconsistent life schedule, too many animals in the home, too much confinement, not enough exercise, lack of vital nutrients, a grain-laden diet, deficient tissue calcium and magnesium (the calming minerals), separation or loss of a friend (animal or human), pain, disease, thunderstorms, fireworks, arthritis, allergies, or even an owner who is nervous and upset, and there are more.  The combination can be as varied as the number of stressed animals out there because no two beings are identical.  How you react and respond can make a difference in the overall outcome.  Whatever the etiology, something can be done about it.

Common approaches include behavior modification and drugs.  Drugs do not come without a caveat of toxic effects and many are prescribed off-label in animals.  Toxic signs may include depression, agitation, ataxia, tremors, dry eyes, rapid heart rate, vocalization, seizure activity, and liver disease.   Herbs, pheromone collars, thunder shirts, and essential oils work in some animals.  An option you may not have heard about is microcurrent therapy.

Alpha-Stim® microcurrent therapy is a prescription medical device for clinical sign associated with anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain.   Alpha-Stim® has no systemic side effects and the treatments are cumulative and long lasting.  A very low level microamperage waveform is delivered to the body via little ear clips (like an IPod).  This helps to normalize the body by inducing a balance in signals or frequencies between areas of the brain and endocrine organs.  Physiologically it also increases blood and cerebral spinal fluid levels of beta endorphin and serotonin.  This device has been on the human market for over 38 years and is FDA regulated for anxiety, pain, insomnia, and depression.  Alpha-Stim® can successfully treat a variety of human anxiety and animal stress conditions.

Treating animals is basically simple.  You spend 20 minutes sitting with them while they have small clips attached to the base of their ears near the head. The 100 to 150 microampere current setting is below sensation level of most animals treated. Over the 20 minutes they become more relaxed, calm, some even fall asleep and may rest for much longer.  In severe cases of separation-related disorders, a longer duration per treatment may be recommended.  The treatments are done at home twice a day.  Generally within 14 days there is noticeable improvement, some even within the first therapy session.  Because this method of microcurrent therapy is cumulative and long lasting, there will be a weaning off period (in session duration and days per week) when the treatments are reduced.

It is not a band-aid.  Alpha-Stim® is a way to change how your animal functions, thinks, and feels…for the better, without side effects, for today and tomorrow.   Let Nothing Stop Them™ from enjoying life, and you enjoying them.

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