Dr. Frick –

At this point we have been able to create a routine with Layla, one that works for all of us and that she understands, as well.

She is getting her supplements in 3x a day minus the Aminos powder at lunchtime. Otherwise, she gets the two other doses of it. She seems to enjoy getting those tablets although she mostly swallows them whole, which I know is fine.

She has really improved in numerous ways since the supplements started flowing regularly. Her appetite is back, she cleans out her bowl. I doubled her food tonight and she ate it ALL! I was shocked! She is no longer picky nor particular. She is moving from a laying down position to sitting up so much easier now. There is still some difficulty but it’s easier than it was. She is still afraid to do steps but will take the small steps out my front door and before she needed us to lift her hind end up but now she does it all on her own. (She has also learned I’m not an enabler!)

More exciting for us is that we are seeing some of her personality return. She has returned to sitting with us (on the floor, of course) when we sit at the table to eat even though we have stopped feeding her our leftovers. She has returned to hanging around me when I prep food, even if it isn’t hers, hoping something will drop to the floor (knowing something usually does fall off the counter). She has even returned to picking up a shoe with her mouth when she is happy to greet someone. Although, she did it just once, which was yesterday. We are still happy about that today. It’s been well over a year since she has done that!

Slowly but surely, she sure does seem to be perking up and we are so thankful to you, Doctor, for making this possible. My mind is still blown that the other doctor I first took her, too, had nothing to offer her. I feel sure our dear baby girl would be dying right now instead of improving. I am quite confident about that.

You are a true blessing. I just can’t thank you enough.

We will continue what we are doing. I will increase her food to see if she really can eat more than what she has been. And I will keep an eye on the calendar so that we follow up with you as you have planned for her.

Thank you, Doctor. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO very much.


Indi’s Chiro & Stretching

After the chiropractic adjustment Dr. Ava Frick performed on my horse and me applying the required stretching exercises for 6 weeks, the physical and emotional changes in my horse were nothing short of amazing.

Inigo Montoya, Indi for short, is a very intelligent, sensitive, and energetic Paso Fino that I am honored to own. The first indications that Indi may need a chiropractic adjustment showed up in a slight jerkiness in his gait and three small bumps visible along his spine around the end of his thoracic / front lumbar area. I knew it was time to call Dr. Ava Frick for an adjustment.

We knew this might be a challenge because Indi can over react in situations he’s unfamiliar with or around people he doesn’t know. He was unsure about meeting Dr. Frick and getting adjusted so she stayed calm, moved slow and gave him time to relax. Indi’s TMJ was very tight. The third, fifth, & seventh vertebra were out on the left side of his neck and sixth was out on his right. His shoulder and chest muscles were very tight and his right pelvis almost completely locked. Once fully adjusted, Dr. Frick showed me which stretching exercises I should use on him to help the adjusted areas heal. By the end of the session Indi was quiet and enjoying the whole process.

For 2 weeks I gave Indi his stretching exercises daily and then I went to twice a week. After a month I began to notice a significant change in his usual attitude. No longer did he try to rush through doorways, and he was quiet when I groomed him. While riding he was relaxed and walked more often. On the trail, when other horses were out of control or allowed to change speed at will, he listened to what I asked of him and responded. He is becoming the horse I knew was inside of him.

Dr. Frick returned for a checkup 6 weeks later to see if he needed any further adjusting. We were both so pleased when Indi walked up to her calmly, with a large soft eye, and gently put his nose on her. He stood quiet while she checked him out and found no further adjustment was needed. My taking time to give him the stretching exercises really paid off. Not only did the chiropractic and stretching work for his body they also helped his mind.

AMF, Missouri

Below is link to the beautiful video (and amazing music!!!) that my dear friend Jamie Lamprecht made for me. I wanted to share it with you and thank you again for all you have each contributed to Mellie and myself accomplishing this milestone.
May the HORSE be with you!

Harriet & Mellie

18 year old Ralphie

“Over the past few years, Ralphie, my 18 year old Cockatiel, would develop yeast infections in his digestive tract. This would cause him to eat very little. I would give him an antibiotic from the traditional veterinarian that seemed to cure it at the time. Then, this past year in February, Ralphie became ill. He completely stopped eating, wouldn’t talk or sing, and lost a lot of weight, for a bird. I took Ralphie to the traditional veterinarian in two separate visits. The doctors did a blood test which showed all normal values. The doctors gave me different medicines at each visit. None of them worked and Ralphie became weaker from not eating.

Ralphie didn’t want to give up and neither did I, so I tried a new approach. I took him to see Dr. Ava Frick, a holistic veterinarian. She tested him on different virus vials and vitamins. Dr. Frick concluded that Ralphie had coxsackie virus which is a digestive virus and was deficient in vitamins/minerals. She gave him a virus fighting homeopath and supplements. Within a day, Ralphie started eating. Each day he would eat more than the last and started to gain weight again. I was amazed and overjoyed to see him get better. Ralphie actually enjoyed taking his supplements, unlike the medicine that the traditional veterinarian that I had to force in him. Fast forward six months, Ralphie is doing wonderful from the supplement routine and extra care Dr. Frick provided. He has gained all his weight back (and then some)! And has not gotten any digestive since. Ralphie now has a wonderful appetite and sings and talks everyday!”

–Annie R.

Diesel with a torn ACL

“This is Diesel and he is 7 years old. He injured his right rear leg on Sunday 2-25-18 chasing a ball in the yard. He turned to catch the ball and immediately was unable to put weight on the leg. We visited his vet who prescribed pain medication and rest for 2 weeks. After that time and a recheck, it was determined that he had a torn ACL and would need surgery if further rest did not help. He was depressed and not eating or engaging with the other dogs or us. Due to his age, I wanted a second opinion to surgery and after doing much research online, I was drawn to Dr. Ava Frick and her Pain Rehab clinic. She prescribes chiropractic adjustments, Alpha Stim therapy and supplements to enable injuries to heal. Diesel had his first appointment on 3-22-18 and Dr. Frick diagnosed a partial tear and after intense daily and then weekly Alpha Stim and chiropractic therapy, he was off pain medication entirely by 5-10-18. His supplements have been adjusted each visit to maximize healing and we mix them with his food and he gobbles them down. He still walks with a slight limp and Dr. Frick suggested a brace to stabilize his leg as it continues to heal. He was custom fitted for a Hero Brace and after minor adjustments, he has been wearing it regularly since 7-25-18. The pictures and video were taken 9-15-18 and show that he is completely comfortable wearing it and is back to his silly playful self. He is now on maintenance visits with Dr. Frick and I am so grateful to her and her entire staff who made us feel comfortable and welcome in her wonderful clinic. His story will continue with his visits until Dr. Frick releases him from her care. Thank you Pet Rehab and Pain Clinic.”

– Shelley Via and Diesel

Noah, the Guinea Pig

“Noah is a 9 month old Guinea Pig. He developed a head tilt two months after Annie got him. His appetite decreased, as well as his energy level. Annie took him to two veterinarians. The first couldn’t find anything wrong. The second said Noah had inner ear infection, which they treated.

The head tilt never went away until Annie brought him to see Dr Ava Frick. Dr Frick did a chiropractic adjustment, and recommended some supplements for Noah to take. Annie also treated him with Alpha-Stim CES therapy for two days. Noah has improved drastically❣ He has his full appetite again, running and playing with lots more energy, and miraculously he doesn’t have the head tilt anymore”
-Noah’s Happy Tale

Red Heeler Lightnin’ with excessive scratching & paw licking

“We got our 5 year old Red Heeler (Lightnin’) about three and three quarter years ago. We really love her, but almost immediately she exhibited many problems. Some of these were excessive scratching and paw licking, excessive passing gas, too many stools, very large stools, eating of stools, and getting us up in the middle of the night- almost every night. That was by far the worst problem and we were very unhappy with the situation, having not gotten a good night sleep for several years. We worked with our general veterinarian on this problem. She is very good on most matters and was of some help. However, we reached the point where there was nothing more that she could do for us. We also researched the internet and found no solutions. We were out of options and very frustrated.

Then, we found Dr. Ava Frick and Pet Rehab and Pain Clinic. We approached her with some doubts, but felt it was something we should try. That was one year ago. The results were slow, but steady. Within three months, most of the problems had either disappeared or lessened in severity- except the nocturnal awakenings. We stuck with her. After six months, Lightnin’ began to sleep throughout the night. For the past six months, she has slept all night, with the exception of one or two evenings, which could happen with any dog. After a year, almost all of her problems are gone. The very few that are not have seen major improvement.

Dr. Frick is very professional and personable and takes a personal interest in us and Lightnin’. It is our opinion that her fees are reasonable in view of the services provided and results. We would highly recommend her.”

-Carla Kilgore & Alan Klobasa, March 2014
Union, Missouri

Mathilda with back and neck injuries

“Mathilda (Owner, Elizabeth B.) from the first day of her adoption as a rescue dog, has been a high energy, high drive animal. Many training sessions were attended, and many different trainers offered perspective on how to keep this dog OUT of trouble!

Dog sports offered an excellent outlet to channel this energy into something useful and constructive. Mathilda can often use her problem-solving skills to figure stuff out so it seemed like a good fit!

Several different sports have been tested over her six years, from Flyball to tracking, but Agility seemed to be the one that was the best fit for both owner and dog.

Starting January of 2012, Mathilda has struggled with back and neck injuries which have sidelined her completely since July of 2012. Dr. Frick has helped Mathilda recover from her injuries, and has offered some great exercises to strengthen her core. While we hope to again run dog agility, the primary goal is to keep Mathilda injury and pain-free.

Mathilda has currently taken up another of her test sports, NoseWork, and continues to “stay out of trouble”.

Alba Cap and I won the 2012 National Sheepdog Trial on the large and difficult course in Klamath Falls, OR. It was the same course Alasdair won with Cap’s grandmother, Nan, in 1997 and marked our bloodlines 4th generation of National Champions. We’d like to thank Dr. Ava Frick for her chiropractic services, an integral part of our training program. In addition to Cap, all of our trial dogs benefit from regular chiropractic visits, including Alasdair’s past US National Champions, Star & Nap.”


Increasing performance in our Competition dog

“I have been bringing my Schutzhund competition dogs to Dr. Ava Frick at Animal Fitness Center for 10 years. I brought my first dog to her when my friend’s dog had injuries from the repeated impact of hitting the decoy during the long attack. Granted her dog was a very fast and hard hitting dog, but I didn’t want my dog’s career to be cut short like my friend’s dog. I was pleasantly surprised at how Dr. Frick was able to increase the performance of my dog in training. I have numerous examples of how she has not only increased the performance but also helped extend the working career of my dogs. The impact of sending the dog for a bite on a decoy can add up over time. I am on my 5th Schutzhund competition dog (that I have raised from puppy), and I consider the occasional visit to Dr. Frick just as important as picking out a nutritionally balanced dog food.”

– Kelly Y.

Collie with mobility issues

“We started seeing Dr. Frick probably over 2 years ago when we sought supportive care for our Border Collie, Sheltie mix diagnosed and suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. With Dr. Frick’s supportive care, and the rest of his Veterinary team, he had a beautiful quality of life, right up until his passing.

Fast forward to my aging Collie. Thanks to our personal vet, acupuncture vet, and Dr. Frick, Trey receives the very best care available. This part of our journey starts with the kind voices of Kelli and Judy . . always on top of what is going on with my pet’s treatment by Dr. Frick.

Dr. Frick is professional, extremely thorough, cutting edge training and education. As she said to me one day, “It takes a team!” She welcomes referrals from your personal vet, and together they do amazing things.

Dr. Frick is all business while evaluating your pet. She is friendly and caring, She covers an array of techniques, as well as treating your pet as a whole….a sound body, mind, total health care, pain management, nutrition, chiropractic, micro current therapy and love. We love her knowledge of alternative supplements and Essential Oils.

My dog has severe arthritis, degenerative spinal issues, and needed help with mobility, as well as a thorough cleanse and specific body system supplements. She uses these various supplements to compliment RX meds, which Trey is now taking fewer of. She recommends grain free, chemical free foods..top quality. She was able to determine vitamin and mineral deficiencies within him. She uses a technique called Kinesiology. This technique, scientific, addresses physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms within the body.

We are blessed she is a part of our three veterinary team. Trey is on the right program for his pain and mobility, gained weight , walks at least a mile a day and is a much happier, healthier, mobile boy thanks to his team. Sometimes it takes a village to help our fur kids. Thank you Dr. Frick and Trey’s team!”

– Thomas and Nancy Sims

Keeping Amalia winning AKC titles

“Amalia is a 6yr. old rottweiler, as a performance dog she has earned 6 AKC titles combined in obedience, rally obedience and agility,as well as a URO1 rally obedience title in UKC. She has her CGC certificate and is a certified therapy dog with TDI and has earned her TDIA award for having completed over 100 visits.

We had been going to see Dr. Ava for issues of “crabbing” and for back adjusting previously, having good results from the underwater treadmill…In late December of 2010 she blew her left knee out completely. We took her to the U of I small animal vet clinic in Champagne and they scheduled Amalia for surgery January 31st.

Prior to the surgery Dr.Ava worked with my holistic vet and came up with a series of supplements to prepare her for surgery.Dr.Ava also prescribed alpha stem treatment to manage the pain.

After the surgery, Dr.Ava developed an aggressive rehab plan for Amalia to get her back on track. It consisted of underwater treadmill and a series of exercises to target her mobility and muscle growth as well as supplements to boost her immune system.

April 2nd & 3rd,only 3 months after surgery. Amalia was back in the ring and earned her 1st & 2nd RAE leg in AKC rally obedience toward her RAE title and scored in the 80′s & 90′s out of 100 pts. She has since earned 3 more legs. October 30th & 31st she earned her URO1 title in UKC rally obedience and got 2nd place in UKC agility at the UKC nationals.

Thank you Dr. Ava for helping Amalia continue competing, I attribute her successful and speedy recovery to your timely efforts.”

– Maureen K.

Thank you Dr. Frick!

“We believe in what you and your staff are doing. But the most important thing you did was showed us your compassion and your love for our beloved pet. You know that all the medicine, supplements or treatments in this world will never be worth anything unless you have love for what you do. I truly felt your caring, kindness and love was what Mandi and what we needed. Please know we truly thank you so very much for helping us. You are a true lady and your whole staff is such a compassionate team of sweet individuals! Please always treat others as you have us. Thank you Ava and your wonderful staff for loving our Mandi.”

– Vicki & Jack O.

Cinabon, a long happy life

“We were so lucky to have Cinabon more than 13 ½ years in all. I thank the APA for taking a chance on him and saving his life so we could find him all those years ago. I also thank Dr. Ava Frick, St. Louis’ own ‘Dog Whisperer’ who gave Cinabon many more blissful and healthy years of life.”

-Sandie B.

Vet who treats the whole body

“Wow! It is so great to find a vet that treats the whole body not just a symptom. Love the supplements! Your passion for animals is inspiring.”

– Michelle, St. Onge

Dreamer benefits from chiropractic adjustments

“Before our visit Dreamer was stiff and seemed overly alert. After the chiropractic adjustments and treatment session he was content and relaxed. There was immediate improvement that we noticed with loading in the trailer, he didn’t “hold his breath” to step up.

Dr Frick is one of a kind. She takes the time to discuss her impressions of the pet’s condition with you and explains the treatment plan and objectives in detail. She researches past history and consults previous veterinarians, keeping you advised all along. Her follow-through is exceptional. Dr. Frick’s expertise should be promoted throughout the veterinary community, as most pet owners are not made aware of its availability.”

-Cory Z.

How is Dr. Frick different?

“The ‘follow through’ after the visit is outstanding and shows the true caring nature of your practice. A truly wonderful experience. If only MDs had this kind of patient compassion.”

– Gen Anne N.

Buddy loved the visit!

“Buddy did not seem stressed out to be there at all. The building was clean and calm. The exam room was great with its lower table. The music was pleasant. I am so glad there were other options for Buddy other than doing the same things over and over which was not working. Thank you!”

Thanks to Dr. Frick’s kind heart others will be able to walk and play again. Thank you for finding a different way to help animals.”
– Patricia B.

Horse Chiropractic

“I ran my horse the following weekend after his visit and he placed in every barrel class that he ran in and he was feeling really good! I want to thank you for everything. You really helped my horse!”

– Mito V. & Jana G.

Helping with Pain

“Our dog, Maggie, was in considerable amount of pain, slow to rise and limping almost all the time. This was the least stressful and most enjoyable visit she has ever experienced at a vet’s office. The biggest change I saw at first was in her attitude. I can tell she is feeling better.”

– Sandy

Improvement in walking

“Our dog Rex was slow to get around, had trouble walking, and could not get up much so just laid around. With the adjustments and supplements he wants to move around more. We wish we could have found Dr. Frick earlier to assist Rex but now we are finally seeing some improvement and we are very pleased with Dr. Frick.”

– Jason K., Troy, MO

Thank you Dr. Frick!

“Thank you Dr. Frick for helping Lilly, our dachshund, get back to her healthy self!! With your help offering the Alpha-Stim 100 treatments, pain maintenance and withdrawal of pain pills, new diet, new supplements from Standard Process, Lilly is now pain free and playing again. We believe the chiropractic treatments along with Alpha-Stim therapy did the most for Lilly along with diet change. We are a believer in the Alpha-Stim 100! Thank you for restoring the health of our little furry friend!”

– Tina and Don H.

Thank you Dr. Frick!

“Ava, Several weeks ago you so kindly responded to an inquiry I had made. No need to wonder any longer as personal experience has filled in the gaps between the technical/ideal and the practical. I would like to also thank you, from the Animal Nations, for the work you have done and are doing for their benefit. You have taken veterinary medicine to the nth degree!”

– Kathy K

Extending Buffy’s live for 7+ years

“Dr. Frick, I just wanted to let you know that Buffy lived to be 14 years and 4 months. I wanted to Thank you because I truly believe that your care and the supplements she took really helped her live with her Diabetes for 7 years 8 months. Not sure when I will be back but I still have three pets and I will want them to be on stuff to help extend their lives like it did for Buffy. Thanks again.”

– Pat S

Thank you Dr. Frick for extending Rascal’s life!

“Rascal my Belgian Malinois (she was born in my closet!) is FIFTEEN years old and 2 months!! I have never had a Malinois live past 12 years of age-I have had 3 other Belgian Malinois. I value Dr. Frick’s knowledge and expertise in keeping my dog as healthy as possible-the supplements Rascal takes are very very beneficial for her. Dr. Frick has an intuitive knowledge that is very special and unique to her! Thank you Dr. Frick!!”

– Wendy

“Gus was groomed today for the first time since he became ill. He actually walked up the STEPS to the groomer’s and down the steps on the way out.They did an express groom and he did well. Towards the end of his clipping the groomer had someone support his back end briefly. You made this possible and we want you to know we are very grateful.”

– Cathe