Dr. Frick’s Animal Programs and Seminars

Dr. Ava Frick’s topics are as varied as the talents she possesses. She educates and entertains pet owners, horse trainers, veterinarians, and just about anyone interested in helping themselves or their animals. Ava can improve your understanding of nutrition, herbs, pain management, animal chiropractic and rehabilitation.

Balancing the autonomic nervous system by utilizing all of these modalities is her passion in practice and she blends this interesting perspective into many of her presentations. For the veterinarian, Ava addresses how to better implement, promote and market these new facets into their particular hospital setting and style.

Dr. Frick has had a life of challenging accomplishments. She has authored many magazine and newspaper articles, hosted two radio talk shows and has done many hours of public speaking. Her originality, energy and enthusiasm make each presentation most enjoyable.

“May we utilize our knowledge, talents, and tools to relieve pain and restore
fitness for those animals to which we are entrusted.”

— Dr. Ava Frick, DVM

Past Events

  • The Natural Pet Care Summit
  • Senior Dog Summit: Harness Fit for Senior Dogs
  • Dog Detox
  • Dr. Ava Frick presented virtually on September 23-26 at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.
  • Dr. Ava Frick presented virtually on November 13-15 at Base Camp Pro, which a conference organized by the Animal Chiropractic Education Source.

New books by Dr. Ava Frick:

Animal Presentations

Dr. Ava Frick presenting the “Perils of Parasites”

Dr. Ava Frick’s Programs & Seminars

Dr. Ava Frick holds a variety of seminars, including the following:

Helping Dogs Age Gracefully

Identify where aging begins for your breed, what can be done to improve and extend their health and quality of life at home, conditions and diseases to be aware of, therapies and products that help and some that hinder. We may also touch on knowing when to say good-bye.

Emergency Care You Can Do

This is an interactive program. Bring your dog, stethoscope, thermometer, and any other tools you have in question! We will cover many emergency situations including training in CPR, vital signs, bandaging, etc.

Resolving Animal Pain

There are many ways to eliminate pain other than chemical drugs. Learn about types of pain, how to recognize it in animals and what is available for alleviating pain at home as well as therapy.

The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Pet

Yes, dogs and cats can have problems with stress too. Nervous, afraid of thunderstorms and other loud noises, fear biter, aggressive towards people or other animals, over grooming, self-mutilation, these are but a few of the symptoms. Learn why and what can be done to reduce the cause.

Building a Better Body

Conditioning from the inside out that will help every dog owner. Foods, diets, exercise, supplements, what to do and what to watch out for. Interactive=bring a dog.

Caring for the Canine Athlete

Why are some dogs better at sports than others? What can give my dog the edge? What can I do to help? These and an array of other questions will be addressed during this session. Also how to keep the athlete free from injuries. Interactive=bring a dog.

Using Herbs for Health

This topic would cover an explanation of herbs, how they vary, how to read labels, and using some specific products for conditions of health and disease.

Support and Supplements for Cancer Patients

There is much that can be done to help your pet with cancer aside from radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery. Learn what is available and how to apply it to your pet’s condition.

Color Your Pet Healthy

This is a look at keeping optimal health for the young and bringing life back for those older or disease pets. This topic covers nutrition, exercise, diseases, chiropractic, acupuncture and vaccination concerns.

Fitness in Motion – Dogs

This course is designed to provide a detailed description, demonstration and overview of many of the stretches and exercises for dogs used to help improve body function, health, and posture.

Using Tissue Mineral Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool

This course is designed for pet owners who want to help their animals by understanding what is available so that they can encourage their veterinarians to implement this tool.

Alpha-Stim Training for Animals

The purpose of this alpha stim training for animals course is to train Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses, Techs, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, and other dedicated animal health enthusiasts from the Professional to the owner on the proper application and use of the Alpha-Stim® device.

Alpha-Stim in an Equine Practice

Integrative Pain Management

Building A Nutrition Practice

Pain & Performance Horses

Fitness in Motion – Horses

Canine Exercises

Supporting Adjustments with Nutrition

Pain Management without the Pill

The Horse Rider Connection

Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Exercises for Horses

Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Exercises for Dogs

Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System

Autonomic and Autoimmune

Recovering a Horse from an Injury

A Systems Approach to Nutrition

Chronic Disease

Clinical Animal Nutrition

Nutrition for an Obese Dog

Nutrition for a Dog with Cancer

Nutrition for Nerves and Pain

Nutrition for Muscles

Nutrition for the Immune System

Nutrition for the Digestive System

Nutrition for Skin and Ears

Nutrition for Adrenal and Thyroid Glands

Nutrition for the Heart

Nutrition for the Kidneys

Nutrition for the Liver and Gall Bladder

Nutrition for Behavioral Issues

Whole Food Nutrition for Dogs

Reading Pet Food Labels

Food Synergy – Bridging the Gap in Food