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A lifetime honing a special affinity with animals merging traditional veterinary concepts with leading-edge technologies and proven methods from diverse fields.

What fuels Dr. Frick’s passion?

Knowing that animals deserve and can acquire the best quality of life.

Using veterinary medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, nutrition, excercise, and micro-current therapies with animals, Dr. Ava Frick is a unique leader in the veterinary field making it possible to achieve higher quality of life for the longest possible amount of time.

Dr. Frick seeks to isolate where communication has been cut within the animal, remedy that and thus restore life.


We are so grateful for the relationship we had with you over the years in caring for our sweet cairn terrier, Laurie. We have appreciated your extensive education and unique set of skills, gifts and talents. Your nutritional training made it possible to prolong and improve the quality of Laurie’s elderly years.

Michael and Stephanie D

I’m so grateful for Loving Hearts referring me to you when I thought I would need to say goodbye to TOBY and MANDY “my special B/T daschunds”. Dr. Frick, you gave me the encouragement and you kept them going for another 1-1/2 yrs or so. After 17 yrs, one doesn’t want to let go, but you assured me it was time. There are not enough ways to say thank you!  I truly thank you for being there for us.

Barbara P


 Dr. Frick featured on KATU Afternoon Live TV in Portland, Oregon