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Virtual Consultations

TeleHealth allows you to tap into our veterinary resources and expertise even though you are not living nearby. Once you submit certain information and samples to Dr. Ava Frick she will assess the information and test the samples. Dr. Ava Frick will then go over the results and findings on the phone with you and provide you with a recommendation for treatment for your pet.

TeleHealth Form

Additional Forms

Fur Analysis Steps

Collecting Samples for Dr. Frick to do a Virtual Telehealth Assessment:


Most commonly the two samples she needs are:

  1. A q-tip swabbed inside the cheek and placed into a paper towel and
  2. Comb out or pull some fur and place in another paper towel.

Both can then be placed inside a ziplock or the same envelope

For current Missouri or Illinois clients needing refills, please send an email list of what you need. I can then review the chart and make sure they should be refilled. Then they can either be drop shipped or I will direct you to a website where they can be ordered directly.

    I am a:

    Veterinarian, physiotherapist, nutritionistPet Caretaker, Fur-baby owner

    I need help with:

    Learning how to interpret tissue mineral analysisLearning how to know what supplements to useLearning ways to reduce anxiety other than with drugsLearning exercises I can do on my own animalsLearning safe ways to reduce painLearning exercises I can show clientsHiring Dr. Frick to help meOther