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TeleHealth allows you to tap into our veterinary resources and expertise even though you are not living nearby. Purchase the evaluation from the Shop Consultations. You will then receive forms and instructions for submitting other veterinary records and tests, and the samples that Dr. Ava Frick will use in the biofrequency and bioresonance testing.  The evaluation results will be sent to you via email with guidance and product recommendations.  A phone call or zoom can also be purchased for more detailed questions and answers.

Purchase Package Here

Once Purchase is complete all forms and instructions will be emailed 

Collecting Samples for Dr. Frick to do a Telehealth Assessment:


Most commonly the two samples she needs are:

  1. A q-tip swabbed inside the cheek and placed into a paper towel and
  2. Comb out or pull some fur and place in another paper towel.

Both can then be placed inside a ziplock or the same envelope

    I am a:

    Veterinarian, physiotherapist, nutritionistPet Caretaker, Fur-baby owner

    I need help with:

    Learning how to interpret tissue mineral analysisLearning how to know what supplements to useLearning ways to reduce anxiety other than with drugsLearning exercises I can do on my own animalsLearning safe ways to reduce painLearning exercises I can show clientsHiring Dr. Frick to help meOther

    How to Purchase Supplements

    Here are the companies where you can link to them to purchase their products I have recommended.

    • Standard Process
      • Click on the icon
      • Enter Search for items, put them into your cart
      • When done check out. At that point you will have option to create an account for future purchases
    • Banyan Botanicals
      • Click on the icon
      • Search items, put them into your cart
      • Check out
    • Endo-met: Follow the directions at the icon. Call the phone number, Client needs to place first order through 1-800-528-4067; after that they will supply a link that the client can order from in the future. My reference number for approvals is # 91199, Dr. Frick
    • Platinum Performance - or 1-800-553-2400
      • Create Account
      • Select “Dogs & Cats” option in upper right of screen
      • Select “Shop Supplements” box in middle of screen
      • Select desired product/s and add to cart; follow checkout prompts to complete purchase
      • When prompted, select or type in Dr Ava Frick
    • doTERRA – for ordering essential oils. May purchase individually or sign up for discounts. Click on icon and follow directions
    • BARF – raw diet. Click icon and follow directions. Use Code # 1611
    • Raised Right – lightly cooked raw and toppings. Click icon and follow directions. Use Code # VETS15 to get 15% off first order.

    For these companies, if recommended, the order will need to be placed by Dr. Frick and drop shipped to you:

    • BioActive
    • MediHerb
    • Nutrawest, Microwest
    • Researched Nutritionals

    These company products, Dr. Frick will have in office and send to you when needed:

    • Frick Formula #1 – New Improved Formula
    • Inner Garden
    • New Zealand Deer Velvet products
    • Buck Mountain
    • Natural Path Chinese Herb blends

    These company products you can find at online locations:

    • ArthriMAXX & UroMAXX
    • Trixsyn and Vitalize Alimend - Missouri company
      • Common recommendations are Trixsyn Feline, Trixsyn Canine & Alimend
      • or 888-521-8867
        • Create account
        • From top menu, select “FOR PETS”
        • Select desired product/s
        • Add to Cart and follow checkout prompts to complete purchase
    • UltraOil -
    • Optimal Nutraceuticals - St Louis company. or 800-991-0858
      • Create account
      • Select desired product/s and Add to Cart
      • Follow checkout prompts to complete purchase