LifeExtend Method is a philosophy for wellness that I have studied and successfully applied to many animals over the past 20 years. It integrates and re-unites an animal’s body, mind, and spirit. I believe they too are spiritual beings, interested and desiring to have good tasty food and enjoy life in a body that works for them, not against them. With the LifeExtend Method, I am helping you achieve your wish; to have a Happy, Healthy, and Naturally Rejuvenated Animal.  My philosophy and approach focus on exercise, nutrition, and a body with good postural alignment, for a life without stress and pain.

An exercise program within the LifeExtend Method can be simple or tiered to adequately fit the age, breed, performance expectations and available time for your pet. Home therapy creates greater and more rapid gains. A pet with arthritis, advanced age, weak muscles, nerve deficits, any that are overweight, or even athletes working regularly at their sport can all improve by having all joints in motion and some sort of stretching exercise on a regular basis.

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