Dog Dosha Quiz

New Quiz: What is your dog’s Ayurveda Dosha type?

Ayruveda means science of life and is a true holistic form of health practices honoring mind-body-spirit. This is the traditional medicine of ancient India and the Hindi culture, based on nature and patterns. It embraces individualism, fosters self-awareness, and focuses on prevention and correcting the underlying reasons why an individual cannot get well.

The foundational building blocks look at roughly twenty qualities that combine to create an individual’s constitution or dosha, which is a combination of the Tridosha – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. One’s constitution never changes; it is like a finger print and is unique to everyone. Throughout life, imbalances occur through change in seasons, diet, viruses, parasites, bacteria, environmental toxins, stress, aging… Utilizing Ayruveda prinicples is another way to view the qualities of a body and systems and then use them to guide that animal toward health.

Take this quiz to find out which dosha traits match your dog. Then visit the Dosha Quiz Results page to see more about Feeding with Ayurveda principles. And if your dog is not doing so well, contact us for a telehealth appointment or in-person in Cave Creek, Arizona to find out how you could Ayurveda health and wellness to improve your dog’s life.

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