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From the tender age of three, Ava Frick, a farm girl growing up in rural Missouri, knew she had only one purpose in life: to help animals.

“… My purpose was just there. I figured to help animals all my life.” Dr. Frick not only earned her Veterinary Medicine degree but also today she is one of only five Founding Inductees to the National Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame!

This inspiring account of her personal and professional life weaves biographical data with delightful stories (written in her own words) about animals who needed help and ended up changing her life’s course. This inspirational biography will thrill and entertain not only pet lovers and owners but also VetMed doctors reaching outside of the conventional box of skillsets.


Acclaimed author, biographer, novelist, and ghostwriter Ronald Joseph Kule’s Bogota, Colombia roots paint-brushed his life-canvas with wanderlust. Through 39 foreign countries, he observed directly disparate societies and conditions worldwide. Today he writes non-fiction and novels that consistently earn five stars.

Dr. Frick is a 1980 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Chiropractic Certification 1997, Published in Journal of Equine Veterinary Science & Journal of American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, speaker and educator at national veterinary conferences. Colleague of Dr. Michael W. Fox, BVet Med, Ph.D., DSc, MRCVS.


“Ava Frick and her ability to converse with animals sounds amazing. What an incredible life! Animals communicate with us every day, it’s just up to us to know how to listen. Great book and well worth the read.”

— Sandy Bergstrom Mesmer

“Ronald Joseph Kule and Dr. Ava Frick have joined to tell the truly fascinating story of what is no less than a real-life ‘Yoda of Veterinary Medicine.’ Dr. Frick is a national treasure, and Kule has opened the treasure trove for all of us to see.”

— John Truman Wolfe, #1 Amazon bestselling author

“I received the signed copy of your book in the mail today!  Thank you so much and I am excited to start reading it this evening. I expect I will read some stories that are similar to ours and I will learn about other ways you have supported families and animal health. This book is a great way to capture and provide the evidence for all of your work, wow, so cool!”

— Sue Harken-Houser

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Copyright 2020 by Ronald Joseph Kule and Ava Frick. Reserved.

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