Preferred Vendors

  • Jiminy’s

    A Solution for Dogs with Allergies or Gut Issues!
    Because Jiminy’s uses novel protein sources in all of our food and treats it’s a great choice for dogs with food sensitivities. It’s also prebiotic, so great for dogs with gut health issues.

    At Jiminy’s we make delicious, sustainable, insect-based pet food & treats that nourish our pets and promote long-term stewardship of the earth.
    Enter coupon code AVAFRICK to receive an additional 20% off!

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  • Is Your Water Destroying Your Health?

    In almost every village, city, or country the water we drink and bathe in is loaded with toxic chemicals – chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, drugs, heavy metals… the list numbers in the hundreds in most areas. The result? Epidemic cancer rates, immune-system disorders, lowered IQ, Alzheimer’s, and much more.

    The sensible thing for consumers in order to both save money and to protect the environment is to be proactive and take matters into their own hands, first by using effective filtration to handle their own water. I developed my Ideal Earth Water filters to remove toxins while leaving the beneficial minerals alone.
    Refreshing Clean Water

  • Dog Gut Health Summit

    Do you have a dog with digestive issues? Or do you find that your dog is sometimes fussy with what they eat? Or maybe your dog has bad gas and you don’t know why?

    Join us for the very first Dog Gut Health Summit. It’s completely online and free from September 24 to 28 brought to you by Dr. Katie Woodley in partnership with Pet Summits! Hear from over 15 of the most trusted experts, including Dr. Ava Frick, in pet nutrition and dog care share their secrets for healthy digestion and gut health at this free online event.

    Click HERE to register for this event, space is limited.

  • Standard Process

    Whole food nutrition – just as nature intended.
    Together, Integrative Veterinary Education Inc. and Standard Process are changing lives.

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  • Banyan Botanicals

    In 1996, the Banyan Trading Company was started with the mission of providing the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs and products to Ayurvedic practitioners.

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  • Endo-met Laboratories, Inc.

    ENDO-MET Laboratories provides the health care professional with a high quality, specially formulated line of vitamin and mineral supplements designed to assist in balancing body chemistry.
    Call them and Give Item Prescribed from Dr. Ava Frick and code #1199. They will drop ship directly to you.
    1-602-995-1581 Phone Number
    1-800-528-4067 Toll-Free Phone Number

    Hours of Operation:
    M-F 8:00am to 4:30pm – Mountain Standard Time
    2225 West Alice Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85021 USA

  • Essential oils to help your pets!

    Need text information here and doTERRA link

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  • Platinum Performance®

    Platinum Performance® was founded by renowned equine veterinarian and surgeon, Dr. Doug Herthel in 1996.
    From our earliest days we have held a strong commitment to veterinarians and the highest respect for their role in guiding the health and performance of animal nutrition.

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  • Barf Foods

    Raw and Freeze Dried For CATS and DOGS too!
    USE CODE #1611

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  • Raised Right foods


    Serving human-grade ingredients, lightly cooked then frozen so you can serve fresh.
    15% off your first custom meal plan delivery. Use the coupon code VETS15.

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  • CBD for Dog, Cat, and Horse Health

    Our holistic, full spectrum extract CBD tinctures, treats, and salves make it easy to help your dog or cat heal naturally. Our products are made with your pet in mind, because we love your furry friend as much as you do.

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