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Dr. Ava Frick is owner of a physical rehabilitation clinic where eliminating pain is a priority. Her specialties include certifications in animal chiropractic, herbal therapy, whole food nutrition, and microcurrent therapy. She is a professional and public speaker, published author, and 2006 Hartz Veterinarian of the Year Runner-Up.

Dr. Frick’s Academic & Professional Accomplishments

Dr. Ava Frick offers animal education presentations & courses

Dr. Ava Frick’s, DVM, CAC, FAIS, mission includes speaking and teaching the world how we might change the healing paradigm for all people and animals on Earth. Her combination of whole-food nutrition, chiropractic, exercise therapy, and microcurrent therapy gives a new perspective on how to heal pets.

Dr. Ava Frick offers Canine Nutrition courses and also exercise therapy course for dogs.

Hire Dr. Ava Frick to present to your organization or take one of her below online courses to further your knowledge.

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Instructional Book

Dr. Ava Frick’s book, Fitness in Motion, is an extensive instructional book about stretching exercises, massage therapy and pain management tips. The book is to help everyone from veterinarians to horse owners, condition and rehab a horse for every level of activity.

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Online Courses

These high quality online courses are canine nutrition courses that are current in its content, enlightening in data presented,enjoyable, and applicable for every dog you own, treat, or work with.

Courses offered by Ava Frick, DVM:

Courses are recognized by the following organizations for continuing education credits:


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Animal Presentations

Dr. Ava Frick presenting the “Perils of Parasites”

Online Courses: Animal Nutrition

Both of the below courses are offered by Dr. Ava Frick on E-Training for Dogs.

Intro to Canine Nutrition

Course Information: This high quality on-line course, Building Better Bodies- Intro to Canine Nutrition, is a canine nutrition course that is current in its content, enlightening in data presented,enjoyable, and applicable for every dog you own, treat, or work with. This canine nutrition course will introduce you to whole food nutrition; meaning utilizing real foods and the nutrients within to glean value and energy in what is eaten. It will build upon this by defining vitamins and minerals, looking at where these can be derived in nature as well as basic nutrient requirements for dogs. Formulations, dietary options, processing, and nutrigenomics will also be presented. You will have the opportunity to learn how to read labels and then try your new skills either on-line or at a store. Selecting whole food supplements is introduced and the course closes with tools to determine a dog’s nutritional status using fur analysis and a body systems questionnaire.

Intro to Canine Nutrition

Advanced Canine Nutrition

Purpose: Building on the Introduction to Canine Nutrition Course this course now directs the use of nutrition to address specific issues within the canine organ systems.

Course Information: This course is an advanced high quality on-line course in clinical animal nutrition that addresses canine organ and body system nutrition using observational and diagnostic tools to help identify deficiency or toxic indicators and give suggestions on how to address the nutrient needs of dogs. This course will continue to enhance the students capabilities to Build Better Bodies Through Nutrition. It is meant to be current in its content, enlightening, enjoyable, and applicable for every dog you own, treat, or work with.

Advanced Canine Nutrition

Online Course: Fitness in Motion – Stretching and Exercises for Dogs

Purpose: This course is designed to provide a detailed description, demonstration and overview of many of the stretches and  exercises for dogs used to help improve body function, health,  and posture.

Instructor:  Dr. Ava Frick, DVM, CAC, FAIS

Course Length: 3 – 90 minute sessions with 3 quizzes

What you can expect to learn from the Stretching and Exercises for Dogs course:

  •  Why stretching and exercises for dogs is beneficial
  • To help veterinarians, animal rehabilitation physiotherapists, animal chiropractors, and dog owners in getting started with suggestions for gear and preparatory tools.
  • Exact stretching and exercise programs that work for the various areas of the body and for some specific rehabilitation considerations.
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