How Fur Analysis for Cats Works

LifeExtend Method is a philosophy for wellness that I have studied and successfully applied to many animals over the past 20 years. With the LifeExtend Method, I am helping you achieve your wish; to have a Happy, Healthy, and Naturally Rejuvenated Animal.  My philosophy and approach focus on exercise, nutrition, and a body with good postural alignment, for a life without stress and pain.

Hair analysis on a cat can help Dr. Frick and you determine what is happening with the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands. It will give an indication of how that animal deals with carbohydrates, sugars, available protein, enzymes, and their energy level. Changes in key minerals, mineral ratios, and the presence of toxic metals can affect personality and behavior in ways we find unhealthy and undesirable, but the animal cannot help it. Understanding the animal’s oxidation rate, we know how quickly they are changing food to energy. With all that valuable information a very customized nutritional assessment, supplements, and dietary recommendations can be made.

How to Collect Hair Samples

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