How Fur Analysis for Horses works

LifeExtend Method is a philosophy for wellness that I have studied and successfully applied to many animals over the past 20 years. With the LifeExtend Method, I am helping you achieve your wish; to have a Happy, Healthy, and Naturally Rejuvenated Animal.  My philosophy and approach focus on exercise, nutrition, and a body with good postural alignment, for a life without stress and pain.

What the body needs, and what we may think it needs, can be two different stories. Part of this is due to environmental toxins. Insecticides, pesticides, herbicides (like glyphosate), chemicals, and the like can interfere with normal tissue function, mineral content, nutrient absorption, and cellular availability of nutrients. The effects can be seen in both mares and foals. What is in the mare, or lacking in the mare, will be reflected in the foal as well. Yes, even the newborn is not “ perfect .” Baggage is passed on. That is why it is important to have the mare in optimal health before being bred. But how do you know?

The way to determine what is there, what is too much and what is too low, is with a hair test. This simple and relatively inexpensive test is called Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) . It is like having a crystal ball. Hair mineral analysis is a tissue mineral biopsy blueprint of one’s biochemistry and the nutritional metabolic activity that occurred while the hair was forming in the follicle. Because the grow h phase of hair is exposed t o the internal metabolic environment (circulating blood, lymph, extracellular fluids) and retains the metabolic product s presented to it as it hardens, it becomes a perfect tissue sample for testing body function, mineral levels, metabolic trends and toxic metals.

TMA has been used throughout the world  o assess individual or herd nutritional status, providing a sensitive indicator of the long-term metabolic trends from the effects of diet , stress, and toxic metal exposure. Most deficiencies in animals are brought about by altered relationships of minerals within the body. It has become evident that both the retention and loss of minerals by the animal are equally as import ant as the nutrients consumed from the feed itself. This is valuable in determining dietary needs as well as for recommending supplementation at all stages of life.

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