Lyme disease in Pets

Lyme Disease in Pets

People know the statement: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, when a dog or a person has been handed the diagnosis of “Lyme Disease”, that is when we need to be optimistic and make Lyme+Ade™ out of it!

This happened to me early August 2018, which sent me into a rapid learning curve. While I was familiar with the spirokete bacteria awarded the name “Lyme” for a collection of symptoms, what I did not know was the intertwined connection to heavy metals and viruses. “Leave no stone unturned Ava”, I became a warrior for myself and all the critters and people out there struggling with the same diagnosis.

So I created Lyme+Aid™ as an advocate to help animals and people struggling with the enemies; viruses, heavy metals, bacteria and/or parasites. This will become a source point for answers about the terribly sly and convoluted disease condition known as Lyme disease. Those microscopic organisms (also known as “no-see-ums”) weaken your body daily (especially when you sleep) with a barrage of clever and illogical symptoms that may come and go, be misdiagnosed, or ignored. That is why they are called Stealth Pathogens. Do not blow them off.

Heed these signs:

  • Night sweats.
  • Sore or achy feet or joints when you get up in the morning.
  • Heart irregularities.
  • Tiredness.
  • Reduced flexibility.
  • Repeated infections, allergies.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes.
  • Fever.
  • Body aches and struggling to navigate.
  • Clinical signs or symptoms that wax and wane.
  • Unknown etiology of bowel distresses.
  • And many more depending on which is leading the rampage on your body at the time.

We can win this battle utilizing a strong battalion of knowledge; focusing on optimism and positivity; employing unique testing systems; enlisting a variety of nutrients, herbs, and essential oils; changing routines to prevent accommodation and adaptation by the enemy; reducing all stressors including inflammatory foods; incorporating massage and low impact stretching exercises; chelating heavy metals; and supporting overall body function and comfort.

The end point takes time. But then neither the animal nor the human got there in a few days. When you find answers with my Lyme+Aid, improvements can be felt and seen within a few weeks. Then you too can be making Lyme-ade out of Lyme disease.

I am here directly as the animal advocate. For their human counterparts, the information is the same and I can direct you to a team of complementary doctors who can start you on the journey to a new level of wellness and a pain-free life.

Do the above symptoms sound familiar?

5  Simple steps to see if your dog has the Trifecta of Lyme Disease:

    • Call to schedule a Stressors Test for Bacteria, Viruses, Heavy Metals.
    • Dr Frick will review the results for Borrelia, certain viruses, and heavy metals.
    • A report of findings is sent to you.
    • If your dog has the Trifecta then proceed to therapy.
    • Schedule an appointment to determine the best approach.

Happy trails, Ava Frick, DVM

Steps to working through diagnosis and treatments:

  • 1) Lyme Disease is a Trifecta
    • i. A virus
    • ii. Heavy metal
    • iii. Bacteria (commonly Borrelia but there are others)
  • 2) There are other stressors that can interfere with health
    • i. Parasites, chemicals, molds, fungus, mycotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, food sensitivities, plants, trees, other allergens, electromagnetic interference, and more.
  • 3) Solutions – Steps to take to find out.
    • a. Zyto Biocommunciation Testing.
      • i. Stressors.
      • ii. Food Sensitivities.
      • iii. Assess Organ Function.
    • b. Determine specific vitamin and mineral imbalances with Fur Analysis (TMA).
    • c. Collect all data, make determination, create a plan depending on severity of case.
      • i. Support major organs (liver, kidney, etc),
        • 1. Supplements, herbs, doTERRA essential oils
      • ii. Support endocrine glands (adrenal, thyroid, etc),
        • 1. Supplements, herbs, doTERRA essential oils
      • iii. Improve the immune system
        • 1. Supplements, herbs, doTERRA essential oils
      • iv. Change diet to better fit oxidation type, sensitivities, Dosha (Aryuvedic typing)
        • 1. Recommended food list
        • 2. Home cook
        • 3. Raw, dehydrated, canned
        • 4. Looking into having some designed for Dosha typing
      • v. Go after the Stressors
        • 1. Supplements, herbs, doTERRA essential oils
        • 2. Paw Spa
  • 4) Addressing body pain, structure, posture, balance, the nerve effects of the virus, heavy metals, bacteria
    • a. Chiropractic
    • b. Therapies: Alpha-Stim®, Laser, Q-Gong
    • c. Low Impact Exercise: Tai Chi-huahua, Easy no incline walks, underwater treadmill
    • d. Paw Spa and Massage