Is Your Water Destroying Your Health?

Is your water destroying your health?

In almost every village, city, or country the water we drink and bathe in is loaded with toxic chemicals- chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, drugs, heavy metals… the list numbers in the hundreds in most areas. The result? Epidemic cancer rates, immune-system disorders, lowered IQ, Alzheimer’s and much more.

The Environmental Working Group (, EWG) in 2021 released the new Tap Water Database, cataloging more than 320 contaminants across nearly 50,000 water utilities. On their website, you can actually enter in your city and see a list of the contaminants and ratings. They also have a “Guide to Safe Drinking Water” with helpful tips on eliminating water toxins.  EWG is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping you live your healthiest life.

The sensible thing for consumers in order to both save money and to protect the environment is to be proactive and take matters into their own hands, first by using effective filtration to handle their own water.  I developed my Ideal Earth Water filters to remove toxins while leaving the beneficial minerals alone. Go here to purchase the Ideal Earth Water filter.

Conversations with Animals by Dr. Ava Frick

Friday, October 22, 10:30 am

From Farm Girl to Pioneering Veterinarian, the Dr. Ava Frick Story …was built by biographer Ronald Joseph Kule with a “backbone” of biographical data and the “ribs, tissues and muscles” out of intermingled doctor/animal vignettes written by Dr Frick. The result is an entertaining work that any layperson, doctor, or pet owner might find inspiring. Syndicated columnist and renowned British veterinarian, Dr. Michael W. Fox, wrote the foreword, closing with this; “Other fellow creatures have their personal displays of affections, well-being, and existential joy—their own dances to the songs of their spirits. This book is an introduction to the celebration of this reality, an understanding of which lies at the core of the ethical caring for animals, and veterinary diagnostics and healing. Conversations with Animals…helps reconnect us to the great healing which we so urgently need in these times of existential crises facing not only humanity but all living creatures, great and small.” During this lively and entertaining presentation, Dr. Frick will share with you some of her life, her passions, and stories read from the book.Books will be available for purchase and autograph.


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Back to School training for Dogs

The author of “Conversations with Animals”, Dr. Ava Frick talked to Kara about how to train your dogs from puppies to seniors. To watch this video go here.

Keeping your pets cool!

The author of “Conversations with Animals”, Dr. Ava Frick showed ways to keep your pet cool this summer. To watch this video go here.

Conversations with Animals lecture series

Join Dr. Ava Frick, author of “Conversations with Animals: From Farm Girl to Pioneering Veterinarian, the Dr. Ava Frick Story,” for a look into the life of a little girl who was born on the 4th of July in rural Missouri, and who knew at age three that she wanted to be an “animal doctor” when she grew up.

In the first part of a three part series, Dr. Frick discusses what motivated her passion for animals and the virtues that animals teach us.

In the second part of a three part series, Dr. Frick delves into pet nutrition and how to reduce the likelihood of chronic disease and cancer in your pets.

In the third and final part of a three-part series, Dr. Frick discusses how to help senior pets age gracefully and keep their older bodies mobilized.


The author of “Conversations with Animals”, Dr. Ava Frick, DVM talked about a new technology called “Alpha Stim” to help your pets recover and heal. To watch this video go here.

Dr. Frick on Afternoon Live talking about Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis

The author of “Conversations with Animals”, Dr. Ava Frick talked about Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis that she does on animals. It is a new concept in Veterinary testing.

Dr. Ava has had her research published and has been using this technology for over 15 years to help in finding the reason why something is not right in the body of animals.

Any time she has found that animals were not getting better or it was the same old routine over and over, she would go looking for a better solution, a better answer. She feels she is accountable for keeping them healthy – more than just treating diseases. And that begins at the cellular level with nutrients.

Before the industrial revolution, medicine was food. Treating diseases was viewed as to what vitamin or mineral was deficient or which were in excess. What toxic metals were being consumed. Now we have not only toxic metals but many toxic chemicals in the soil and water and environment in general. Exposing our pets and animals to altered cellular function and predisposing them to illness and disease.

Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) – A simple fur sample from a pet – allows Dr. Ava or your veterinarian to customize nutritional balancing and help the animals to live a healthy, happy, and naturally rejuvenated life. Click here to read more about Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis.

Conversations with Animals | WFLA

Dr. Ava Frick talks to Bloom about her new book Conversations with Animals.

From the tender age of three, Ava Frick, a farm girl growing up in rural Missouri, knew she had only one purpose in life: to help animals.

“… My purpose was just there. I figured to help animals all my life.” Dr. Frick not only earned her Veterinary Medicine degree but also today she is one of only five Founding Inductees to the National Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame!

This inspiring account of her personal and professional life weaves biographical data with delightful stories (written in her own words) about animals who needed help and ended up changing her life’s course. This inspirational biography will thrill and entertain not only pet lovers and owners but also VetMed doctors reaching outside of the conventional box of skillsets.

Now sold online: Click here to learn more & purchase!

Angela Ardolino, The Pet Cannabis Expert, recently interview Dr. Ava Frick.

She writes “Dr. Ava Frick, a holistic veterinarian, is on a mission to write, speak, and teach about natural methods of healing. She has a long list of successes and it was an honor to welcome her onto ‘A Dog’s Life’ podcast. In the podcast, she explained her tips for finding holistic healing, the various methods of holistic healing, the services she offers, and how those services work.

She stated “this is where podcasts like yours are helping out because there are a lot of people who will look and know there has to be something more to help their pets, similar to the options for people, and they can find podcasts like this to explain other methods of healing. Then, there are other people who will receive an answer in the traditional world, and will go on without knowing the options because they didn’t know there were any other options.”

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