Angela Ardolino, The Pet Cannabis Expert, recently interview Dr. Ava Frick.

She writes “Dr. Ava Frick, a holistic veterinarian, is on a mission to write, speak, and teach about natural methods of healing. She has a long list of successes and it was an honor to welcome her onto ‘A Dog’s Life’ podcast. In the podcast, she explained her tips for finding holistic healing, the various methods of holistic healing, the services she offers, and how those services work.

She stated “this is where podcasts like yours are helping out because there are a lot of people who will look and know there has to be something more to help their pets, similar to the options for people, and they can find podcasts like this to explain other methods of healing. Then, there are other people who will receive an answer in the traditional world, and will go on without knowing the options because they didn’t know there were any other options.”

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