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Dr. Ava Frick talks to Bloom about her new book Conversations with Animals.

From the tender age of three, Ava Frick, a farm girl growing up in rural Missouri, knew she had only one purpose in life: to help animals.

“… My purpose was just there. I figured to help animals all my life.” Dr. Frick not only earned her Veterinary Medicine degree but also today she is one of only five Founding Inductees to the National Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame!

This inspiring account of her personal and professional life weaves biographical data with delightful stories (written in her own words) about animals who needed help and ended up changing her life’s course. This inspirational biography will thrill and entertain not only pet lovers and owners but also VetMed doctors reaching outside of the conventional box of skillsets.

Now sold online: Click here to learn more & purchase!