Conversations with Animals by Dr. Ava Frick

Friday, October 22, 10:30 am

From Farm Girl to Pioneering Veterinarian, the Dr. Ava Frick Story …was built by biographer Ronald Joseph Kule with a “backbone” of biographical data and the “ribs, tissues and muscles” out of intermingled doctor/animal vignettes written by Dr Frick. The result is an entertaining work that any layperson, doctor, or pet owner might find inspiring. Syndicated columnist and renowned British veterinarian, Dr. Michael W. Fox, wrote the foreword, closing with this; “Other fellow creatures have their personal displays of affections, well-being, and existential joy—their own dances to the songs of their spirits. This book is an introduction to the celebration of this reality, an understanding of which lies at the core of the ethical caring for animals, and veterinary diagnostics and healing. Conversations with Animals…helps reconnect us to the great healing which we so urgently need in these times of existential crises facing not only humanity but all living creatures, great and small.” During this lively and entertaining presentation, Dr. Frick will share with you some of her life, her passions, and stories read from the book.Books will be available for purchase and autograph.


Cost: FREE