Is Your Water Destroying Your Health?

Is your water destroying your health?

In almost every village, city, or country the water we drink and bathe in is loaded with toxic chemicals- chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, drugs, heavy metals… the list numbers in the hundreds in most areas. The result? Epidemic cancer rates, immune-system disorders, lowered IQ, Alzheimer’s and much more.

The Environmental Working Group (, EWG) in 2021 released the new Tap Water Database, cataloging more than 320 contaminants across nearly 50,000 water utilities. On their website, you can actually enter in your city and see a list of the contaminants and ratings. They also have a “Guide to Safe Drinking Water” with helpful tips on eliminating water toxins.  EWG is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping you live your healthiest life.

The sensible thing for consumers in order to both save money and to protect the environment is to be proactive and take matters into their own hands, first by using effective filtration to handle their own water.  I developed my Ideal Earth Water filters to remove toxins while leaving the beneficial minerals alone. Go here to purchase the Ideal Earth Water filter.