Dr. Ava Frick featured on Your Natural Dog Podcast: Caring for Senior Dogs

Dr. Ava Frick on YND Podcast Episode 18: Caring for Senior Dogs

The lifestyle and diet that works for a puppy may not continue to work as your dog ages, but often we forget to make changes. In this episode, Dr. Ava Frick discusses the importance of paying attention to your dogs’ digestion, behavior, and mobility as they age. She also shares some common signs of aging and explains how planning and nutrition in the puppy stage can help your dog stay healthier in the future.

Episode Recap:

  • We often forget that dogs’ needs change as they age (0:45)
  • When is a dog considered a senior? (2:23)
  • Digestion changes as dogs age (5:24)
  • Look for behavior changes as your dog ages (9:49)
  • Pay attention to your dog’s mobility, it’s essential to quality of life (12:59)
  • Conventional pain regulation can make things worse for older dogs (20:20)
  • How to connect with Dr. Frick (22:21)

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